Are You Being Served?

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For all fans of the classic British light-comedy series and its sequel. Did you look forwarding to seeing what color Mrs. Slocombe's hair would be today? Have you spent hours (or maybe just a couple of seconds) questioning Mr. Humphrey's sexual preference? Did you get an eyeful watching Ms. Belfridge and Mr. Grace's nurses? Do you live in a detached house and have 'lunch' instead of 'dinner?' -- If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions then this tribe is for you! RSS Feed what is XML?

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Belated sad news for fans of Mr. Humphries.  topic
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mrs Slocombe!!!!! (7/21/07)  topic
Best Musical Number  topic
Favorite Character  topic
Young Mr Grace -vs- Old Mr Grace  topic
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The Week of Love by Mr. Humphries  topic
Double entendres?  topic
Betty's Thesaurus  topic
"Good Morning, Mr. Grace."  topic
AYBS on BBC America  topic
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"No Parking"  photo flag
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